BIM Aarhus welcome the international Conference BCS & BILT Europe 2017 to Aarhus from Thursday, October 5th to Saturday, October 7th, 2017.

In BIM Aarhus, we are very happy to announce three BIM Aarhus arrangements around this event, with the overall theme of BIM COMMUNITY 2017, activities based on the principle of free knowledge sharing and volunteering.


The BIM process has created great challenges, however it has also opened up a wide range of new and exciting opportunities, for integrating collaboration, creating spectacular architectural and technical solutions as well as pushing the boundaries of sustainability and energy performance.

BIM Aarhus is a professional network focused on BIM technology. Its membership brings together the skills and experience of more than 500 advanced BIM users representing clients, architects, engineers, constructors and education institutions from across the building industry in Denmark.

As a knowledge-sharing network, BIM Aarhus focuses on dialogue, interdisciplinary exchange and collaboration, which we consider to be essential elements in meeting the large and complex challenges associated with the implementation and use of BIM.


At the BIM Community 2017 Conference, BIM Aarhus will present groundbreaking and thoughtful comments about the exciting challenges we as developers, designers and contractors face when implementing the new digital tools. The speakers will challenge the perception of BIM-relevant core areas, concepts and terms in relation to digital development.

BIM Aarhus invites the BIM Community in Denmark and our many foreign guests to an Open-Door arrangement where 18 companies have come together to show how we in Aarhus working with BIM.

Aarhus is unique, with the location of many architectural, engineering and landscape architecture firms centred in the area around Aarhus River. Furthermore, two of the country's largest contractors have premises and construction sites within walking distance.

With Open Door, BIM Aarhus is inviting conference guests and city residents inside at the city's many skilled consultants and contractors. We offer scheduled tours with different academic subjects, visits and topics.

BIM Aarhus and three educational institutions from Aarhus are planning a BIM workshop from October 2nd to October 6th in relation to BILT/RTC Europe 2017 and European Culture Capital 2017.

 The workshop is for students in Denmark and internationally, and the theme will be interdisciplinary collaboration between Architects, Engineers and Architectural Techno-logist around processes and digitization.

We will work in multidisciplinary smaller groups with reflective, analytical, and contri-buting creative approaches to the resolution of a predefined case.

Keywords for the workshop: Interdisciplinary collaboration, digital modeling and data exchange, preparation of Illustrations of technical issues including sustainability through BIM models and Virtual Reality.