Ms. Marzia Bolpagni

Marzia Bolpagni is a PhD Candidate at Politecnico di Milano (Italy) where she is investigating ways to manage and control public works through innovative digital approaches. Currently she work in the BIM Team of the UK Ministry of Justice in London. She has also worked as BIM researcher at VTT (Finland), ITC-CNR (Italy) and Massachusetts Port Authority (USA). 

Mr. Mads S√łndergaard | NIRAS

Mr. Mads Søndergaard has worked as an consulting engineer in the Danish Construction Industry since 1988 and is currently Executive Vice President in NIRAS. BIM is today an integrated part of the company’s design processes. During his career Mr. Søndergaard has also worked as external lecturer at the architectural schools in Aarhus and Copenhagen, and as Associate Director at Arup in London.

Mr. Morten Norman Lund | GXN

Mr. Morten Norman Lund is a parametric designer, design technologist and project manager at 3XN Architect’s independent innovation unit GXN. Morten has been at GXN as an architect for 5 years, working mainly on research projects that focus on materials, sustain-ability, and digital technologies as well as architecture projects. 

Mr. Kenn Clausen | GXN

Mr. Kenn Clausen is an architect and computational designer with multi-disciplinary interests ranging from digital tools and robotic fabrication to design and workflow optimization. Kenn joined GXN in 2014, the research and innovation unit of 3XN Architects in Den-mark and works in the fusion between competition, project development and research.

Mr. Stephan Lange | Luftshansa

Mr. Stephan Lange is Quality Manager in Lufthansa Technik AG. He have been working for Aircraft Component Services of Lufthansa Technik AG for 6 years now. Aircraft Component Services maintains components for mainly all airlines all over the world and provides business solution with regard component supply

Mr. Rasmus Dahlberg

Mr. Rasmus Dahlberg is a writer and historian specializing in disasters and preparedness. With a unique background as both a fiction and fiction author Rasmus Dahlberg draws both art and science as he explains how the world is connected. He challenges common beliefs about predictability, analysis and control, and opens the door to a new understanding.