23. NOVEMBER 2021 | 12:00 TIL 13:00

Early-stage tools for embodied carbon assessment

Cardinal LCA is a user-friendly tool for architects that analyzes the environmental impact of material decisions in the early design stages.

The current Grasshopper version was developed by student-led team from Harvard GSD, consisting of Jessica Chen & Kritika Kharbanda. It focuses on stages A1-A3 (Product stage) and analyzes the embodied impacts (Global Warming Potential, kgCO2e) using the EC3 and ICE 2019 database, with flexibility to input your own EPD data.

Learn Carbon integrates Machine Learning to predict the Global Warming Potential (kgCO2e) based on the conceptual massing model and the structure type. Alternatively, it can also predict the type of structure for a target GWP value to enable roadmap to green certifications.